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About Sakushi Japanese Sheffield

Looking at photos of the inside of the Sakushi restaurant, it is immediately apparent that this is tastefully decorated with aesthetics in mind. The brightly coloured internal decor was well-thought through to be bright and cheery. With a spacious layout and a menu that is well presented, it is a venue that is instantly welcoming.

There are pictures for each of the main items to help those who are new to the experience. Sakushi restaurant is a style of restaurant where not only is the food prepared fresh, but also many of the menu items run on a conveyer belt style delivery system.

You can pick up as many plates off of the conveyer belt, however, you may want to think through before selection. As a tip, pay attention to the plates because the sushi is one price and other dishes are other prices. Often, different coloured plates indicate different prices. Pay attention so that way you can have a satisfying meal and stay well within your budget.

Sakushi Japanese Sheffield Restaurant

Find us in Sheffield The Sakushi restaurant is a Japanese style restaurant located in the area around the centre of Sheffield, UK. They are conveniently located in the centre of the city.They are located at 27 Campo Lane, Sheffield S1 2Eg. So they are found on Campo Lane Road. Other buildings and structures around Sakushi restaurant are the university and Peace Gardens. They are only two minutes away, located east of the University of Sheffield. The restaurant is also located southeast of the intersection between Netherthorpe Road and Shalesmoor (A61). So, either way, regardless of method of arrival, they are conveniently located in the centre and close to major roads. This makes access to the restaurant very easy. 
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